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66 Day Group Coaching

Investment of $199

Group coaching will be offered during the Spring and Fall of 2024

Choose your start date of March 25th or September 9th

Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, Movement, & Stress Management

The foundation of each group is living a more toxic-free lifestyle to enhance overall health and quality of life. We focus on the following elements of overall health and well-being.


I will always show up for you and will give my very best. I will expect you to show up for you as well. Occasionally there may be a reason to get behind a day or two from viewing the daily video and leaving your required comment. We are all about real life. However, this doesn’t give anyone a pass to check out and not participate. The expectations are really very minimal but extremely beneficial to you. Simply watch a short video each day (Monday-Friday) and leave a comment. (No technical skills required.) There will be a question asked in each video for you to answer (it is not a test). Being accountable to me personally, each Wednesday is optional but definitely expected and needed for you to be as successful as possible.


Quitting isn’t ever an option, however, if you decide to discontinue commenting each day for more than 1 week (7 full days), you will be removed from the group and there will be no refunds. There are extenuating circumstances, there may be an exception to this. (I have never had anyone leave a group.)

Weekly Content

Each day you’ll know what type of content to expect as we begin to work with lifestyle routines that you can easily incorporate and live with. We start the week with “Motivational Monday” and end with “Food Friday”. We have “Tuesday Tips” and “Thirsty Thursdays”. Wednesdays are “Weight In Wednesdays” where there will be weekly accountability as well. This will be private with me (unless you want to share your success!).

Community Support

The others in the group will have the same goals as you - to get healthier. This is not a weight-loss group although most every member does lose weight and inches (if carrying extra weight) simply as a  byproduct of eating healthier, establishing new habits, and overcoming bad habits.

Daily Accountability

You will be invited to join a private Facebook group. Once in the group, you will be greeted with an introductory video from me to lay out all the details. I will show up daily in short video format (Monday-Friday) to bring educational content as well as encouragement. You will show up on these days as well to watch at your convenience and respond accordingly.

Video Resource

You will have unlimited access to my collection of videos for support throughout the program.

Includes new workbook

spiral-bound mockup.png
$26.99 Value
Footprints on Sand

Client Testimonials

"I have enjoyed the 66-Day IF group and feel that I have learned effective strategies and have the tools I need to continue what I hope will be a life-long plan of IF, eating the proper foods to achieve continued weight loss and a healthier me! Dana made the process fun with the daily videos always packed with great info and humor along the way!"

- Susan W. (NC)

Are you ready to start?

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Please set up a free consultation with me prior to registration if you are taking RX medications and/or are currently under the care of a doctor.

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