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meet coach dana

IMG_DM2021_ (59).jpg small impact creates a ripple effect...

Dana’s coaching philosophy is to use a full spectrum approach: physical, emotional, and spiritual.  One must first be willing to make needed change. This requires mindfulness, commitment, and a deep desire for growth and improvement, as well as belief. 

Dana has successfully journeyed through the confusing paths that have led her to wellness from autoimmune disease and all the symptoms surrounding it, and believes she has found solutions and answers that will make a difference for those choosing to improve their state of health. She is convinced that anyone can be an overcomer with the right mindset and the willingness to be coached through the process. 


However, Dana is far more than a coach. She is a wife, a mom of 3 adult children, and MeeMa to 4 grandsons. She enjoys making a difference and realizes that each moment spent pouring into the lives of others brings a rewarding return on that meaningful deposit. Building relationships is what she has been equipped to do. She is straightforward but speaks the truth with much love and care. She loves the sun and surf and enjoys all the beauty that the sea provides. Dana is a down-to-earth girl and believes in balance in all things and that one small impact creates a ripple effect that can continue to give for generations. 

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