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Before & After

"My 1 yr of IF anniversary is coming up soon and can’t be more grateful and thankful to Dana Robertson McNeill for turning me onto IF. I would still be miserable and frustrated. As an older woman I nearly gave up on ever losing the weight without drastic measures. IF works if you allow the time for your body to accept the changes and make it work for you. That’s what I love about IF, you pick your eating window, you are in control. Today there is so much more to be thankful for, and a lot less of me."

-Carol (FL)


"I just want to say that when you ask God for help you have to believe that he will answer. He did for me! This is a journey I'm on and I am so excited about it! Three months ago I received test results from my doctor that shook me to my core. My cholesterol was 361. I was on a death fast track! I stood in the shower and prayed "God, I can't do this by myself.  I need help." I left the shower and looked at my fb page. There was a post from Dana Robertson McNeill. A bowl of oatmeal and 2 eggs to which she said "which is better for you?" Long story short, Dana messaged me. "Girl, we need to talk." God told her she could help me. And help she has! For almost 3 month we have talked or texted almost every day. Dana has encouraged me, pushed me, mothered me. Funny thing is,  I HAVE NEVER MET HER PERSONALLY! I didn't realize until I looked at these pictures side by side just how much Dana had done for me. I'm down 26 pounds and will know in a week where my cholesterol numbers are. I know they are down. I can tell. Best part is, I feel better. I have more energy. I sleep better and I'm off all meds except bp and I'm working on that. I'm learning to make wise choices about what and when I eat.  I never gave that much thought before. Dana has made a lasting impact on my life and I can't thank her enough! She has truly been a Godsend. God's word says "you have not because you ask not." Well, I asked and he answered! Thank you Dana Robertson McNeill. You are surely one of my greatest blessings!"

-Daphene (NC)

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