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Denial is an Enemy

You know those times when you convince yourself that your issue can be "lived with" because you really "don't want to" address it full on? We all do it from time to time. We downplay our health, our work, our relationships, our goals. But that denial is not serving any of us. In fact it is totally an enemy and it's working against you, because deep down denial is really just fear. We want everything to be easy. We want issues to simply vanish without addressing them. We don't want to think about it or take the needed action. We can even convince ourselves that we are "being positive" by not "claiming" a problem.

I am engaged in conversation with many individuals each week. As I listen, I take note of problem and issue after problem and issue. You probably hear them too during your day to day conversations. We often times will even hear them as "prayer requests". Listen to me clearly here... I believe wholeheartedly in the power of prayer and serve almighty God and He hears and He knows and loves me. Now, with that being said - I also believe that prayer is to change ME, my heart, and my desires and motives. I pray for God to change me. To show me the way. Ouch! I smile a little here because I know that just grabbed someone in an uncomfortable way. Change is uncomfortable but is totally necessary to get different results - and we can't change what we won't acknowledge.

You may have even been convinced that what you're dealing with is "totally normal". After all, you aren't getting any younger, right? I hear this all the time, but pain, sleeplessness, low energy, anxiety, rashes, obesity, poor digestion, foggy brain, etc. is not normal - not at any age.

In fact they are all big huge red flags that should not be covered up but corrected. My prayer for you is that each year will bring more energy, more insight, more wisdom, more discipline, more life!

So, when you know that where you are is not where you want to be, be willing to admit the real issue, identify the culprit, and begin working on the solution. Don't be willing to settle. Life is way too short for that! Kick denial to the curb and acknowledge the problem in order to get the results you truly desire. You aren't alone. God knows. And I'll pray for you and with you. But... let's not entertain the enemy of denial so that you're not fully ready to receive your miracles!


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