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Dana’s coaching philosophy is to use a full spectrum approach: physical, emotional, and spiritual. One must first be willing to make needed change. This requires mindfulness, commitment, and a deep desire for growth and improvement, as well as belief. 

make today better than yesterday

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66 Day Group Coaching

March 25th or September 9th

30 Day
One-on-One Coaching

Client Maintenance

Client Testimonials

Dana is so easy to talk to and keeps things very simple. She was able to guide me effectively not only through weight loss but more importantly on how to overcome pain and inflammation. She walked me through the development of a healthy nutrition plan that I can live with, which in turn has made a significant difference in my lab results. As a massage therapist, I help others to feel and be better but I now take much better care of myself as well. She has taught me so much and continues to. I feel confident referring others to her and have."

Beverly F.

Dana has been my wellness coach for nearly 4 years! I just love how encouraging and motivating she is no matter what my momentary circumstances - whether trials or triumphs!! She is compassionate and caring! And she is very knowledgeable- not only through product information but also through actual research and study! Signing up with Dana was the best decision I ever made!!!."

JoAnne M.

Since working with Dana, I have experienced weight loss, loss of inflammation, and have even stopped having all of the sugar cravings I once had. I was feeling so defeated and my body felt hopeless. I now have more energy and I have a new sense of hope for a healthier body, knowing I can set and achieve wellness goals. The accountability has been so helpful. Dana's encouragement stays in my head to help me make better daily decisions and our check-in phone calls spur me on because she celebrates my success!

Marsha W.

I have been having some health issues along with pain and Dana was recommended to me. She has been a tremendous help by coaching me to change my health and nutritional habits in a way that is tailored to my specific needs. It has really helped!!! I feel better, healthier and my pain has been significantly reduced. Dana is always there to help me with any questions I may have, and even does research on her own to help me with my specific situation. If you are facing any type of health issue, I would highly recommend Dana to help get you feeling better and living life to the fullest!

Denise H.

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