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Help is Available for Autoimmune Disease

Are you tired of feeling bad, searching for answers, and struggling with your health? Are you ready for victory? As one who was diagnosed with Autoimmune Disease, who has searched desperately for answers, and has come out on the other side, I can tell you that I have experienced both feelings of defeat and victory. The feeling of defeat came from struggling to get relief from a multitude of unexplained symptoms, and being led down so many different paths that it made my head spin. Eat this. Don't eat this. Take this. Don't take this. Go here. Don't go here. This is what causes it. No, this is what causes it. Sound familiar?

Once I realized that the raging battle between antibodies and all that threatens my health are calmed down and eliminated by simply reducing all that is feeding the threats, I became not only passionate about my healing, but sharing my experience with others. That was the birth of my coaching career which continues to lead me to an even greater faith than I started with and a deeper understanding of just how much our mindset plays in the process of healing - in both body and spirit. We are "sick" and "want" to get well, but often times all that we can "believe" is that we can only "feel" better and not that we can be totally "healed" and be well.

I believe healing is a process. It can be a very drawn out process or very expedient and even immediate which then must also be maintained. This is where our mindset plays such a vital part. I mentioned faith earlier and believing is absolutely part of the healing. I do believe in miracles and I believe what God's word tells us about how there was a touch, a breath, a word, that immediately brought healing to ones body. I also believe that God created us in His image and has gifted each one of us with a body that has the remarkable ability to heal itself under the right conditions. As a coach I help my clients realize and achieve those right conditions. This always requires making lifestyle changes and change always requires a willingness to do what is required to have a different outcome. This also takes on the challenge of denying fleshly desires in order to focus on the right set of priorities that sets us on the path to wellness. Our mindset is put to the test as we must first make the decision to begin to replace bad habits with healthy new ones.

We have been conditioned to treat symptoms rather than to look upstream far enough to eliminate the culprit, therefore eliminating the symptom. I often hear responses of "Do I have to ...?" Or "Do you mean I can't have ...?" Which clearly shows me that mindset is the first issue to tackle. Flipping our way of thinking is job number one. "We get to ..." is always the right way to see making better choices. I find myself fighting against this process even now from time to time. Old habits die slow and our flesh is strong in what it "wants" and what feels good in the moment. However, God's Holy Spirit inside me reminds me that there is a better way. The way that brings health and strength and life - a more abundant life. To begin this journey to becoming all God has created us to be, let's first simply come to the realization that we want a different outcome. We do this by reaching up for help, guidance, and for the answers we have been searching for. Then we can believe and allow our mindset to be altered and start on the path to healing and wellness.


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